Getting Started

This document is intended to guide users on how to use T-Wath


Restore factory procedures

1. Environmental construction

Install Flash Download Tools

ESP Flash Download Tool: Download


Install the CP2104 driver

Download firmware

The firmware can be obtained by going to resource download/firmware.

2. Download settings


The ESP Flash Tool setting operation is as follows:

  • COM: Burn device port selection, if there is only one device, you can choose directly.
  • BAUD: Download the baud rate, suggest 921600
  • SPI SPEED: 40MHz
  • FLASH SIZE: 128Mbit
File Address
boot_app0.bin 0xe000
bootloader_dio_80m.bin 0x1000
T-Watch.ino.partitions.bin 0x8000
T-Watch.ino.bin 0x10000

3. Download firmware



Please wait until the lower left corner of the interface displays Finish, then close the software.

4. Normal use